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Commercial Windows & Doors

BWS-Front-300x225Commercial frames are generally used in commercial and industrial type buildings, the most common being shop fronts, workshops, warehouses and factories, shopping centres, schools and buildings larger than the typical house.

If you want to create a frameless or semi-frameless look then commercial frames are the way to go, they are also ideal when using automated operators, which we also do!

Whether you’re looking at repairing, replacing or building new, we can help. As there aren’t any “standard” sizes when it comes to the glazing (or fenestration) industry, every product we offer is custom manufactured to suit your individual needs.

We offer:

  • Automated Sliding Doors
  • Awning Windows
  • Bi-Fold Doors
  • Bi-Fold Windows
  • Double Glazed Doors
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Hinged Doors
  • Louvre Windows
  • Multi-Stack Doors
  • Multi-Stack Windows
  • Shop Fronts
  • Sliding Windows

We can also provide quality glass partitioning for your home or office. We offer a slimline frame capable of housing glass up to 12.38mm thick which can also incorporate door frames.

Commercial-Corner-4-Lite-GSD-189x300Wanneroo Glass stocks replacement parts including handles, locks, bolts and closers. We can also re-align doors which have dropped or are no longer operating correctly, usually while on site so there’s no need to take anything away.

Automated operators are a great way of enticing people into your store and work great with commercial framing. We supply and install automated operators for some of the best in the business including Rubek and Dorma. If you are interested in finding out more give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions.

When it comes to installation we can simply supply you with the products manufactured to your required sizes or we can fully fit it for you. Whether you’re building new, renovating, extending, replacing old with new, changing from that-to-this or even if you want something where there wasn’t anything before, we can do it!

Whilst clear glass is the most commonly used in windows and doors virtually all of our products can be fitted with any of the glass listed on our Glass page (as long as it adheres to the Australian Standards). Other additional upgrades are also available including tinting, fly screens, security screens, colonial bars and even heavy duty locks.

All of our products are manufactured not only to meet the Australian Standards but also to exceed them where possible. For information regarding the Australian Standards please refer to our General page.

Shop Fronts & Automated operators

Virtually every store has its own shop front and this will be the first thing people see before even stepping through the door. As such, we believe a shop front tailored to your specific needs is an important part of any business. Commercial frames come in a range of different sizes to suit any application, the most common being 100 x 44 which can house glass up to 12.38mm thick.

Internal PartitioningPartitioning-3-199x300

If you’re looking to close an area off but you don’t want to feel trapped in by walls, then internal partitioning is an option to consider. A slender 45 x 25 frame can be used to keep things looking modern and uncluttered along with a large selection of different glass profiles and tinting to create your own personalised look.

Awning Windows or Double-Hung Windows

Commercial awning windows are ideal for high-profile suburban housing, multi-unit residential, hotels and other commercial applications.

The different width sashes available offer the benefit of overlapping internal and external seals to achieve superior weather performance.

An internal winder allows for a fly screen or security screen to be added internally which keeps you in complete control.

Sliding Windows

Our commercial window suite offers design flexibility by allowing the choice of 75mm x 35mm or 101mm x 44mm framing to cater for both the slimline applications and those of a more robust commercial design.

Developed specifically for commercial applications where larger sizes are required than those of a typical residential window or where a more heavy duty product is needed, our commercial sliding window suite offers superior performance.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are a lot more common in commercial type situations than they are in your average home, especially in shop fronts where products are on display to the public as they pass by. The most common frame type used is 101mm x 44mm centre glazed but the same profile is also available as a smaller 75mm x 35mm centre glazed alternative. Both of these can be used vertically and horizontally so the glass can be split into smaller areas if required or when including a hinged or sliding door.

A maximum 12.38mm thick glass can be used and vertical silicone butt joints are also possible if a wide span is required. An additional sub-head and sub-sill are also available which assist with strength & water drainage. A sub-sill is always recommended for exterior use while a sub-head is generally only required for specific applications.

If you’re looking to close off an internal area such as an office or large room but you don’t want to feel trapped in by walls, then internal partitioning is an option to consider. A slender 45 x 25 frame can be used to keep things looking modern and uncluttered along with a large selection of different glass profiles and film tinting to create your own personalised look. A door frame can also be built into a full height glazed section which a hollow core timber door can be hung from allowing you to completely enclose an area without the need for a forth wall.

Glass Sliding Doors/ Multi-Stack Sliding Doors

Our commercial grade glass sliding door suite is a heavy duty yet modern sliding door solution and is designed with quality and functionality in mind. Featuring high quality roller hardware, it is one of the smoothest operating sliding door systems on the market. Capable of 2, 3, 4 & 6 panel multi-stack configurations, this suite can cater for a wide range of residential and commercial applications from a single sliding sash to up to four central sliding sashes opening equally to both ends.

A separate track can be fitted which allows for sliding fly doors or security doors to be fitted externally. Sliding security doors can be keyed to suit the main door hardware lock so only one key is required for all doors.