Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are a lot more common in commercial type situations than they are in your average home, especially in shop fronts where products are on display to the public as they pass by.

The most common frame type used is 101mm x 44mm centre glazed but the same profile is also available as a smaller 75mm x 35mm centre glazed alternative.

Both of these can be used vertically and horizontally so the glass can be split into smaller areas if required or when including a hinged or sliding door.

A maximum 12.38mm thick glass can be used and vertical silicone butt joints are also possible if a wide span is required. An additional sub-head and sub-sill are also available which assist with strength & water drainage. A sub-sill is always recommended for exterior use while a sub-head is generally only required for specific applications.

If you’re looking to close off an internal area such as an office or large room but you don’t want to feel trapped in by walls, then internal partitioning is an option to consider. A slender 45 x 25 frame can be used to keep things looking modern and uncluttered along with a large selection of different glass profiles and film tinting to create your own personalised look.

A door frame can also be built into a full height glazed section which a hollow core timber door can be hung from allowing you to completely enclose an area without the need for a forth wall.

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