Generally, yes! Most windows are fitted with float glass, which we can cut on-site to the size required. 

Bathroom windows are the general exception as with any window in an area which contains a bath, shower, spa, etc. requires safety glass. Most bathroom windows are fitted with toughened obscured glass as it is much cheaper and has a larger variety of patterns than laminated obscured glass. 

Please see below for more information.

Australian Standards require most glass within doors to be safety grade. This also applies to glass within 300mm of a door. Safety glass can be either toughened or laminated, both of which we can supply. 

Laminated glass can be cut on-site to the size required so we can replace your glass on the spot. Toughened glass has to be heat treated and therefore can’t be cut-on site. 

Generally you can use laminated glass where toughened glass is used and vice versa so normally we can replace the glass the same day.

Most pieces of toughened glass will have a stamp on them from the manufacturer for identification.

This is normally found towards one of the bottom corners.

We can board up or even temporarily glaze the area until the correct glass is ready.

This way you aren’t left with an open hole in the side of your home or business.

Float glass is the regular type found in most household windows and when broken will separate into large jagged shards.

Toughened glass is float glass which has been heat treated to increase its strength. Once its heat treated it can’t be altered, so the size has to be exact for it to fit. If a piece of toughened glass is broken it will shatter into small diamond like pieces so there is less chance of injury. Toughened glass is also used for vehicle windows because of this.

Laminated glass is generally two pieces of float glass bonded together with a piece of resin laminate, normally .38mm thick. A piece of laminated glass will not be as strong as a piece of toughened glass but it will be stronger than a piece of float glass, plus it has the safety advantage of holding together if broken.

If you provide us with approximate sizes we can estimate how much it will cost you over the phone, this price may change however as we will need to perform a site measure and inspection in case there is anything special required.

We will then send you an official quotation by fax, email or post which will include a description of the work to be completed and the final price.

Nothing, it’s 100% free with no obligation.

Yes, we can take care of everything and even take the old frames & glass away.

Generally, yes. If there is enough room around the existing item we can remove and tooth in the brickwork to make a larger opening for the new larger item.

Yes. We can arrange for new brickwork to the opening which will make it a suitable size for the new smaller item.

Yes, but you may need a completely new piece of glass.

Please refer to our services page for more information.

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