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Glass Parts & ServicingAt some point in our lives most of us will be forced to deal with the burden of a broken window, either in our home or workplace.

At Wanneroo Glass we specialise in quick, easy and safe methods of replacing broken glass for a competitive price, so what used to be a hassle can now be solved with one phone call!

We provide a 24 hour service and can normally have your glass replaced the same day you call us.

We are also able to bill your insurance company directly so you only have to cover the excess up front, rather than waiting to get your money back from the insurance company once the claim has been finalised.

If the glass needs to be heat treated (such as toughened glass) or ordered in (such as imported patterned glass) and therefore can’t be replaced the same day, we can board up or temporarily glaze the opening until the new piece is ready.

This way you aren’t left with a hole in the side of your home or business! We can also temporarily seal or screw-shut doors which have been broken open until a new door is ready to be installed.

Alternatively you can bring the frame into our factory in Wangara and if the glass can be replaced with something we have in stock we’ll reglaze it for you while you wait.

Not only do we sell new products we also sell spare parts and can even service your existing windows and doors, saving you time and money. A lot of the time we can replace individual parts so there’s no need for a completely new product. If you are confident with your tools, we can supply the parts and you can replace them yourself.

Our library of spare parts is the largest north of the river. It is said that if the part is not available to us, it no longer exists. We also stock spare parts for common brands including Jason, Dowell and Doric, saving you from travelling south of the river. If you are interested in replacing parts we recommend bringing in the old part so we can match it to exactly what you need. If that’s not possible, try to take a photo of the part and write down any information you can find like brand name and part number. In the unlikely event we don’t have the part and it is still available, we’ll happily order it for you. Some of our stocked spare parts include:

  • Angles
  • Coloured Cabinet Tracking
  • Coloured Pop-Rivets
  • Corner Brackets
  • Door Decals
  • Door Handles
  • Fly-Wire and Accessories
  • Glass Cutters

  • Glazing Tapes
  • Hinges
  • Lock Barrels
  • Locks
  • Mo-Hair and Bugstrips
  • Putty
  • Silicone & Silicone Sprays
  • Snibs
  • Spirals for Double-Hung Windows
  • Touch-Up Paints
  • Track Overlays
  • Window Catches
  • Window Seals & Rubber
  • Window & Door Rollers