Perforated Aluminium Mesh

The Perforated Aluminium Mesh 3mm thick aluminium sheet with multiple 3mm diameter punched holes, evenly spaced throughout the entire sheet (Please note: This option is not midgee or small insect proof).

All Perforated Aluminium Mesh and Screenguard security doors include a triple lock.

All of our hinged security doors are fitted with 3 hinges for extra support and security. Each hinge is fitted on the inside of the frame so they can’t be drilled out or easily pried away from the frame by someone on the outside.

All of our security doors are available in both a hinged and sliding style and can generally be fitted to your existing doors or frames.

If they can’t be fitted directly then we can supply and fit a reveal frame for hinged doors or a build-out frame for sliders which will allow us to fit the new security door.

We can also provide you with new or replacement locks and handles for all your other windows and doors. Please refer to our parts & services page for a list of stocked parts and accessories.

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